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Hospice FAQs PDF Print E-mail

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a holistic approach to health care and is for patients who have a terminal illness. Hospice focuses on pain and symptom management not only for the patient but their families as well. This is accomplished by addressing patient and family needs in four core areas: physical, social services, spiritual and emotional care.

What qualifies a person for Hospice?

Two physicians certify that a person probably has 6 months or less to live. Terminal illness includes more than just cancer, as a person may have one of many diseases which certify them as terminally ill.

What are the stages to dying?

More info coming soon.

What are the stages to bereavement and grieving?

More info coming soon.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is given to patients by a alternate caregiver so that the usual caregiver can rest. Hospice patients have access to respite care either in the home or in a Medicare-approved facility, such as a hospital, nursing home, or hospice facility.

Who pays for Hospice?

Medicare pays 100% for hospice services. Medicaid will also cover hospice service. Most private insurances now have a hospice benefit as well.

How long may I receive Hospice Care?

You have access to hospice under Medicare guidelines as long as your doctor certifies that you are terminally ill and probably have less than six months to live. Even if you live longer than six months, you are entitled to hospice care as long as your doctor recertifies that you are terminally ill. If a patient seeks treatment and intervention for their terminal illness, they do not qualify for hospice any longer.

Does Hospice do anything to make death come quicker?

No, hospice does absolutely nothing to either speed up or slow down the dying process. Hospice focuses on pain and symptom management and increases the quality of life for the time that a patient has left.


Envision a World

Envision a world where...

  • Each person is respected and appreciated.
  • Everyone is treated the same.
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  • Honor and dignity are the rule, not the exception.

Our Mission

  • To become an extension of your physician's office, by becoming proficient in their specific specialties.
  • To be a "hospital with-out walls" by providing nursing care and physician supervision in the privacy of your own home.
  • To treat our patients with an attitude of respect and courtesy, while helping them maintain their dignity.

Why Choose Integrity?

  • HealthInsight-decal-white_2009Integrity Home Health and Hospice has received the 2009 HealthInsight Quality Award for demonstrating excellence in performance on publicly reported quality of care measures. HealthInsight, the…